We are your “ONE-SOURCE” for paving and pavement maintenance.

Start to finish, new or re-paving, we can handle all your needs and make it last like no other!

Professional Design & Construction

Your asphalt driveway or parking lot is a significant investment, so you want to make sure your pavement is designed and constructed properly. A well-constructed pavement can last 15 or more years when maintained properly — and that’s our goal for every pavement we build.

Why Choose Bel Rock?

In addition to having more than $1 million invested in construction equipment – that means we have what we need to do the job right – our crews receive training every year at National Pavement Expo, the paving industry’s annual “how to” conference. We are fully insured experts in the pavement construction process and pride ourselves in our customer service efforts.

Jobsite Highlights

On every paving job Bel Rock’s uniformed crews operate professionally, from scheduling and communicating with the client to safe organization of the worksite and using state-of-the-art pavement construction techniques. Building upon construction of a solid base our crews place hot mix asphalt in the contracted thickness, fine-tune the asphalt mat by hand to ensure strong joints and edges, then our experienced operators compact the pavement using compaction plates and vibratory rollers.

Commercial Asphalt

Please click here to contact us or call (815) 547-5061.

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