Pothole Repair

Just as Bel Rock specializes in asphalt paving during seasonable weather conditions, we are experts in repairing roads when conditions require pothole repair. Whether you just one hole filled or many holes filled. We used an asphalt product called Cold Patch which is designed to repair roads when the weather is seasonable cold. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to get it done. If we can get to it, we can solve your pothole problem.

Why Choose Bel Rock?

Our experienced crews perform all the work ourselves, handling underground work from the easiest to the most-complex – all the while minimizing disruption of your business and your customers. Our consistent communication instills confidence – exactly what you need when a water main bursts and you need immediate and responsive attention.

Jobsite Highlights

Like all other Bel Rock jobsites work on underground projects is a safety-first operation with crews in safety vests establishing a safety perimeter using traditional safe work zone materials. Equipment including dozers and skid steers maneuver within the work zone as the underground team efficiently repairs collapsed sewers and drains or burst water mains.

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