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Sealcoating maintains the “like new” appearance of your pavement and protects it from its natural enemies such as weather, oxidation, gasoline, and oils.

Protect Your Pavement

Sun, wind, rain and Midwestern freeze/thaw cycles all conspire to break down your asphalt pavement, but professional sealcoating using professional-quality sealer can protect your pavement like paint protects your house. Properly timed crack repair and professional sealcoating extends the life of your pavement investment.

Why Choose Bel Rock

Sealcoating commercial and residential properties since 2000, Bel Rock’s three highly-trained sealcoating crews use Gem Seal sealcoating material—the toughest sealer on the market. When Bel Rock’s crews seal your pavement we do it right, we follow industry guidelines — and we guarantee the work.

Jobsite Highlights

Neatness counts when sealcoating residential driveways and commercial parking lots, so Bel Rock crews take great care on your property, carefully edging along gardens, lawns, patios, sidewalks and concrete curbs. Nothing improves the look of your property like a freshly sealed driveway or a freshly striped parking lot.

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