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Bel Rock Asphalt Paving has completed the Salvation Army project in Belvidere, IL.

This project involved excavating of the front parking lot. Coring unstable soil and install proper base stone. Also we had to install a manhole for water drainage. Half of the lot was overlay-ed with HMA pavement and front was a complete replacement of 3”  HMA pavement.

Bel Rock wants to say a special thanks to the Salvation Army and everyone involved! Below is a kind note from John Wolf:

Dear SA Board and Lt’s and staff,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you one and all for your efforts, your time, your concerns and your help with our parking lot project!  Many, many prayers have been answered with the laying of the asphalt yesterday at our Main Street facility and please take time to drive by when you have a few moments. Congratulations and thanks to everyone at BelRock, Nick Becker, Dean Condell  and Mr. Jerry Jacques for their tremendous work on our project.  And please, take time today in your prayers to thank Emmitt and Bessie Sullivan for their wondrous gifts to Belvidere and our Salvation Army.  Without their generosity and vision, I don’t personally believe this project would have been accomplished.
Again, thanks again everyone and may God bless your day, today and every day!  

John Wolf