Difference Between Bel Rock and Other Sealcoating Companies

Bel Rock Sealcoating Specialists:

  • Member of the Belvidere Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the National Pavement Contractors Association
  • Locally Owned & Operated, We’re Here When You Need Us
  • I.D.O.T. Approved contractor
  • Products Designed for Asphalt
  • Neat Workmanship & Courteous Attitude
  • We Specialize In Asphalt Maintenance
  • Fully Insured for Your Protection

Sealing Guys:

  • Substandard Products (Shiny in Appearance)
  • More Sealer on Buildings and/or  Curbs Than Asphalt
  • Jack of All Trades-Master of None Quality
  • Never Seen or Heard From Again
  • Not Insured!!!

No matter if you are a residential or commercial customer there are pavement “rip-off artists” and unscrupulous contractors looking for you. Here are a few tips on common scam tactics and how to avoid those “fly by night” contractors. First a very basic rule. NEVER contract any job on impulse…no matter what the good reason or “today  only” bargain seems to be.

  1. The #1 trap to avoid is the old “left over materials” line.  Someone stops by and says they have some materials left from another job and offer you a great deal right now. Reputable contractors calculate materials carefully and seldom have more than a small amount of “leftovers” never enough to do an entire other job.
  2. Beware of “fancy” trucks with small equipment carried on light “utility” type trailers. (Sealer tanks should always be cylindrical shaped NEVER square and should have continuous agitation etc.)
  3. Look out for prices by units.  Bids quoted by “gallons, square feet, etc.” are usually rip-offs waiting to happen. Do you know pavement work well enough to know for sure how many units the contractor used? A common ploy is to charge per gallon for sealcoating. Run from these guys. A good contractor gives firm bids with a “total” price for the completed job.
  4. Beware the non-local. Does it really make sense for a contractor with out of state license plates or from many miles away to be at your door or    office?
  5. Does the deal sound to good to be true? It usually is.
  6. There are too many others to list but remember the basic rule. Use common sense and never decide “right now” on a job you didn’t ask  for first.

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Why Use Bel Rock for Sealcoating?

By regularly applying an Asphalt Sealer to your pavement you will replenish the binder that is lost through weathering and aging, provide superior protection against future environmental exposure, while at the same time adding up to 20 years to the life time of your investment.

  • Protects From Moisture – Repels UV Rays – Seals Out Chemicals
  • Extends Life Of Asphalt – Fills Hairline Cracks

Working with every client individually, Belrock provides either Coal Tar, Asphalt Emulsion, or customized Sealer Blends to fit your specific needs.

You can be assured that Bel Rock uses only the highest quality sealcoating products that are designed specifically for the purpose of protecting and extending the life of asphalt pavement.

All of our Sealers are 100% environmentally safe and are guaranteed by Bel Rock for 2 years*.

Our high-performance sealers are a custom blend of base sealer, added sand, and additional latex additives. These ingredients are essential in producing a top quality sealer that will not only provide the best possible protection and durability, but also enhance the image of your home or business property.


  • 100% Environmentally Safe
  • Designed Specifically For Asphalt Sealing

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