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If you are one of the nearly six hundred residents that make up the village of Garden Prairie, then you know that Bel Rock is the preferred of all the asphalt contractors in the surrounding area. Garden Prairie is a small and quaint village in Boone County that received its current name from the surrounding fertile land on the prairie. Located centrally between Marengo and Belvidere, Garden Prairie residents have access to many amenities from the nearby towns, including the incredible asphalt contractors at Bel Rock.

At Bel Rock, our asphalt contractors are committed to creating safe asphalt spaces that will leave a great first impression for any who travels upon it in Garden Prairie. Instead of constantly living on eggshells with damaged asphalt, call the expert asphalt contractors at Bel Rock to schedule an affordable paving or sealcoat. You won’t go wrong when you choose Bel Rock for your upcoming asphalt paving project, especially with our teams’ decades of experience and knowledge set in this industry. Bel Rock Asphalt Paving is a one-stop shop for all things asphalt.

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