When many people think of the customer service experience, they overlook the company’s first physical encounter when parking their car. At Bel Rock Asphalt Paving, we leave the perfect first impression and improve your business’s appearance with our pothole repair. We are committed to giving our Huntley customers the best cold patch to repair your driveway or parking lot.

Huntley Pothole Repair

Huntley is a village of nearly 27,000 residents and is situated along Lake Michigan. Our Huntley customers know they can depend on Bel Rock to deliver the best pothole repair for their company. We are honored to serve the greater Northern Illinois area with the best bang for your buck!

Huntley Cold Patch

If you’re looking to upgrade your business, start with the best cold patch installer in Northern Illinois, Bel Rock. Our customer service team is eager to answer all your pothole repair questions and provide you with a free quote! Bel Rock is the best pothole repair company to provide a top-notch cold patch that will withstand the test of time. Call Bel Rock Asphalt Paving to get started today!

Huntley Pothole Repair | Huntley Cold Patch