A Few Tips for Choosing A Contractor
  1. References. Don’t just ask, check them. Call customers near you who had work done some time ago. Ask if you can come visit to look at the work.
  2. Get it ALL in writing. A good contractor will give you a detailed written quote with all specifications, quantities, and costs included. This includes all costs for preparation, labor, materials, taxes, permits, clean up after the job etc.
  3. Make SURE the contractor has both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If not you could be left wide open for damages to you or your property or lawsuits from your customers or even the contractor’s employees. A million dollars is a minimum for liability/worker’s comp. insurance in the pavement industry. A reputable contractor will gladly furnish certificates of insurance and will never mind you verifying coverage with his agent.

(Note: Some smaller contractors who only provide one service such as striping may be sufficient with $250-$500,000 liability and self-employed individuals with no employees may be unable to obtain worker’s comp. The consumer must decide the level of protection they are comfortable with.)

We also recommend that you ask to visit a current job site where the contractor is working. See if this is the way you would want your job done. Talk with the property owner about how he found out about the contractor and if things are going as planned.

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